Monday, March 7, 2016

All Inside

Tek Knowledge and Tyler Drama team up again to preach another heartfelt message to their audience. Through their lyrics, the artists inspire listeners to stop at nothing when it comes to one's own aspirations. The vocalists are backed by Dutch instrumentalist Meerdat.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Swarm (Tek Knowledge)

Tek Knowledge uses strong, metaphorical lyrics to captivate the listener in his heaviest track to date. Backed by English instrumentalist Swarm (who shares his name with the track), Tek Knowledge uses the song as a message to both his fans and haters.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Anymore (Tyler Drama)

Tyler Drama's first track. Backed by Xenith with a chillstep beat, Tyler Drama takes on a style of modern hip-hop with a fierce, glitch-based chorus. In a lyrically straight-forward manner, the artist describes his struggles with the recent termination of a romantic relationship and the toll it takes on his mind and body.

The Story

Tek Knowledge and Tyler Drama work with a familiar producer known namely as B-Line. Inspired by income inequality and the stranglehold the establishment has on the middle class and lower income families, Crew Mentality officially releases this track to inspire the masses.
Tek Knowledge also dedicates this to his father.

You Won't Forget (Tyler Drama)

Tyler Drama explores a new style of indie-pop while still being able display a clear R&B/Hip-Hop influence. The artists paints a clear picture of the sexual tension he shares with a member of the opposite sex. They continue to intensely seduce each other. The track features German instrumentalist K-Fiyat.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Remember The Time

Tek Knowledge and Tyler Drama reminisce about experiences and hardships from earlier in their lives, mostly involving romantic relationships. The song features English instrumentalist B Line and samples "Remember the Rain?" by The 21st Century.

I Can't Ignore

Tek Knowledge and Tyler Drama team up to create their first song together. Written in the summer of 2012, the song shows the efforts of both artists to create a new style of hip-hop. The heavy singing of vocalist Tyler Drama creates an interesting contrast to the conscious rap styling of vocalist Tek Knowledge. Dutch instrumentalist Meerdat adds a haunted, dreary vibe to the song.